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Shana Smith

Shana Smith has been involved in creating as a singer/songwriter for many years. In Nashville,  Shana has honed her skills at such venues as the Blue Bird Café, Douglas Corner, and TV performances. She also had the pleasure of being cast in numerous videos and commercials. In 2012, she released her first independent album, The Heart of Happiness.

 Live performances include a variety of country favorites with a mix of original music. Shana enjoys performing for events, patriotic celebrations, fairs, music venues including the legendary Wheeling Jamboree &  The Paint Valley Jamboree among others. Shana was inducted as a new member of the Wheeling Jamboree, the second-longest running radio show in America, in October 2013 and released “Live from the Wheeling Jamboree” in March 2014. Also, as member of the CMA she has had the honor of participating in the annual CMA Fest in Nashville. In the fall of 2016, Shana had a children's book, "Sheldon and the Big Hurricane",that she illustrated and co-wrote, published. In 2016, an EP recorded in Nashville was released with a mix of classic country and new retro country sound.

Shana now lives in Ohio and travels to Nashville and elsewhere frequently to perform and write.


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