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Hi Everyone! 
 It’s my pleasure to announce the release of one of my favorite original Patriotic songs “Oh, My America”  written by Chris Gantry that will will available online sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.  Also, had the great pleasure in having a music video made to go along with the release, Not long ago I released the lyrics video for fun and received great response. Happy to release the single and the video just in time for Memorial Day!🇺🇸 See the video ⬇️ on YouTube filmed by Solid Rock Studios. 

 Blessings, Shana

Awaken to Fall 


Fall is upon us...this the season of harvest festivals, scented candles, and pumpkin spice everything and all the candy you can treat your to at one time. Pull out your seaters, plaid shirts, your vests, and your boots, this is the season. Even though this may mean less daylight hours and feeling like it's time to slumber. This is the season to awaken.

Awaken your spirit, your creativity, your hope for everything good to come your way.  Venture out on a walk or a hike or just take a moment to breathe and witness the changes in all that's around. Recently on a visit to my local park, I had a chance to experience the awesomeness of such a wonderful force of nature. The leaves just come alive with a tapestry of color and rainbows from the sounds that cascade from them are soulful and hypnotic.

Whether you travel near or far or stay in your own backyard make this a memorable time. Share it with friends and loved ones, but more importantly make it a time that awakens a sense of wonder that you will take into the next season of you life.


May 28, 2022

Hello Everyone! In honor of Memorial Day... releasing this video of the song "Oh, My America", that I recorded in 2019 in Nashville, TN. I first recorded it many years and was happy to be able to remake it. Hope you enjoy this inspirational patriotic song and wishing all a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all of those who served and gave their life for their country. 

October 24, 2021 

Traveler's Prayer Single is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and may other platforms...


Click on the Screen below to watch the Traveler's Prayer lyric video on Youtube...

Traveler's Prayer (Lyric Video)







Photo Credit: Barb Jones Photography

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